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Company Name: Grand Technical

Interview with: John Austen

Location / Coverage: London, Hertfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire

What does Grand Technical do?

Grand Technical provides a range of audio and visual services for weddings and events within an hour’s drive from our base in London. For weddings we often provide a sound system with wireless microphones for the ceremony, and a fuller sound-and-lighting package for the reception later on.

What equipment can couples hire for their wedding from Grand Technical?

It depends which part of the day they need us for really! If it’s for the ceremony they’ll most likely need two to four speakers, a lapel mic for the vicar, and a handheld mic for guests. They may also want to consider a live streaming package, under the current circumstances.

For the reception most couples usually book a four speaker sound system (two tops and two subs), alongside four moving head lights on podiums. The complete package includes wireless uplighters that go around the main room.

DJ Equipment from Grand Technical

Do couples have to hire a laptop with your speakers or can they use their own?

Couples are more than welcome to use their own laptop. They will simply need to let us know which connection their laptop has, so we can make sure we bring the right set of cables.

What typical equipment packages do you recommend for couples looking to DJ their own wedding?

The most common package is our Wedding Reception package. This includes two speakers on stands, a wireless microphone, and a T-Bar of four disco lights that produce patterns in time with the music. Most couples collect this from our base in Kings Cross, but we are more than happy to deliver and collect as well of course.

How can couples work out how many speakers they will need for their venue?

I would say they’d need to factor in two speakers for every 100 guests, in an ideal world. However, if the room has a particularly high ceiling, it may be worth re-considering if more are required. If the couple want a particularly thumping DJ set I would recommend adding two subwoofers to their package.

Groom using microphone for wedding speech

Does Grand Technical set-up the system for the couple or is this something they have to do? If so, how easy is this process?

Most couples collect from us in Kings Cross, as it’s all very easy to set-up. We also provide a full telephone support line until midnight each day. 50% of the time we do deliver and collect the system ourselves though, so if the couple wants to minimise any hassle on the day then this is a good option!

Can your speakers be used for outdoor weddings?

Generally, all our speakers and lights will need to be under some sort of overhead cover to protect from water damage. If this isn’t possible we can arrange some protective covers for the speakers and PA system.

Which areas do you cover with your hire equipment?

We mostly cover London and the M25, but are happy to travel where required.

How do couples book equipment and how long in advance should they do this?

Couples usually book by contacting us at We then have an informative talk about what options might work best for them, depending on the specifics of their event. We provide a friendly service above all, so there’s never any pressure to book with us. Occasionally we service last minute bookings, but generally all bookings are made at least a fortnight in advance.

Uplight from Grand Technical

What are your tops tips for couples looking to DJ their own wedding?

I would say that if you are using your own laptop, bring a backup on the day, even if it’s just an iPad. Moreover, place it somewhere where guests aren’t likely to be putting their drinks. You’d be amazed how many laptops we’ve seen ruined at events; it’s a real shame.

How long do you think a playlist should last for and what are your top tips for creating the perfect playlist to keep the guests on the dance floor?

The playlist needs to factor in a wide range of guests at the wedding. As much as it is your special day, if the dance floor is empty it’s not going to feel all that special.

Think about the classics everyone will know, and squeeze in 10-15 songs that you really like as well if you can. Ideally, the playlist should be at least six hours long, even if the dancing section isn’t scheduled for that long (as you may choose to skip certain songs on the night).

Of course, for your first dance, ignore the above advice and be sure to pick the song that you both have your hearts set on.

What type of lighting do you offer for weddings? Do you offer a combined sound system and lighting package?

Yes of course! The most common package includes two speakers, speaker stands, a wireless microphone and four disco lights on a stand. We can also offer Moving Heads and Room Uplights as well. If you want something really slick that is actually more effective than you might imagine, consider checking out our White Moving heads on podiums!

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