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Five Dollar Shake Weddings

Company Name: Five Dollar Shake Weddings

Interview With: Caroline Burton and Christine Fuller

Location / Coverage: We are based in Hastings, East Sussex. Coverage worldwide.

What does Five Dollar Shake Weddings do?

Five Dollar Shake Weddings creates luxurious wedding stationery, which is all made and hand finished in East Sussex.

Rose Quartz Wedding Stationery - Five Dollar Shake Weddings

Rose Quartz

Who works at Five Dollar Shake Weddings and what are your roles?

Caroline Burton and Christine Fuller. We are both wedding stationery co-ordinators, and we guide our wedding couples through the design process from start to finish. We also have a team of production staff who finish each wedding stationery item by hand.

Fleur-de-lys Wedding Stationery - Five Dollar Shake Weddings


How did Five Dollar Shake Weddings come about and how long has the company been running?

Five Dollar Shake has been creating beautiful greeting cards from as far back as 1998. Our first Five Dollar Shake wedding took place just a year later, and we have been providing adorable couples with our exquisite stationery ever since.

Jules Verne Wedding Stationery - Five Dollar Shake Weddings

Jules Verne

Why is the company called Five Dollar Shake?

The name is taken from the owner’s favourite film ‘Pulp Fiction’.

Describe your workshop/studio.

Our studio is full to the brim with beautiful gem stones, ribbons and stacks of luxury cardboard.

Grace Wedding Stationery - Five Dollar Shake Weddings


Have you always been creative?

We both went to Art College and have been interested in art and design from an early age

What wedding stationery can Five Dollar Shake Weddings create?

Five Dollar Shake Weddings can create all your personalised wedding stationery for your big day. From Save the dates, RSVP, invitations, place cards, table names/numbers, thank you cards, menus, order of service and table plans.

Stardust Wedding Stationery - Five Dollar Shake Weddings


Where do you get the inspiration for your wedding stationery collections from?

We take our inspiration from our Five Dollar Shake greeting cards and keep up to date on all the latest trends through wedding magazines and online sites.

Crystalline Wedding Stationery - Five Dollar Shake Weddings


How often do you create a new collection or design for the current collection?

Creating new collections is an ongoing process.

Do you offer a bespoke/personalised wedding stationery service as well as your collections?

We offer a fully personalised service based on the collections that we offer.

Charm Wedding Stationery - Five Dollar Shake Weddings


How do you create personalised stationery for each of your couples? What’s involved in the planning?

We are happy to hear any ideas our couples have about how they wish to personalise their wedding stationery. This includes changes to colour schemes etc. and is usually communicated by email and phone.

Milk Honey Wedding Stationery - Five Dollar Shake Weddings

Milk Honey

Does Five Dollar Shake just make wedding stationery or do you have other products and services?

Five Dollar Shake specialises in handmade greeting cards and also has an extensive personalised greeting card selection that can be ordered by the public.

Casablanca Wedding Stationery - Five Dollar Shake Weddings


Do you have a favourite stationery collection that Five Dollar Shake Weddings has made?

Caroline’s favourite is Casablanca and Christine’s is Moonstone.

Moonstone Wedding Stationery - Five Dollar Shake Weddings


Has Five Dollar Shake ever won any awards?

Five Dollar Shake has won numerous (22) Henries (these are the greeting card industry’s equivalent to the Oscars). We hope to be recognised by the Wedding Industry.

Random question… Who is your favourite artist and why?

We take inspiration from many artists, but a particular favourite of ours is Rob Ryan; the intricacies of his work is amazing and the sentiment is always so meaningful.

Where can I find out more about Five Dollar Shake Weddings?


Twitter: @5DollarWeddings