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Company Name: Entertainers Worldwide

Interview With: Martin Holgate

Location / Coverage: Global

Who are Entertainers Worldwide?

Entertainers Worldwide is now the world’s largest entertainment booking platform, with thousands of entertainers and events services to choose from for your wedding. We have a great search function which makes it easy to find the perfect act or service in your area. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for you can book direct with no commission or booking fees.

We pride ourselves in having pretty much every sort of entertainment you could possibly think of, with everything from bands, DJs, magicians, singers and children’s entertainers to photo booths, magic mirrors and chocolate fountains!

Pianist and violinist performing together

How did Entertainers Worldwide get started and how long have you been going?

I’ve worked for years in the entertainment industry as a professional Close-up and Comedy Stage Magician. I’ve headlined over 100 Cruise Ships as well as performing at over two thousand weddings, parties and corporate events. I absolutely love my work, but I’d always thought that there had to be a better way for bookers to find acts like mine; a quick and easy way to find and book exactly the sort of act they wanted.

Working at so many amazing weddings gave me a real insight into how complicated entertainment booking could be. Brides and planners have to search around on lots of different sites for all the things they need to make their big day special. It was while listening to one planner complaining about how stressful if had been that I came up with the idea. It’s such a simple concept and I think that’s what makes it work so well.

I can hardly believe it, but that was over 10 years ago now. It’s certainly kept me busy, but I have really enjoyed watching it grow.

LED Dance Act

Where do you cover?

We’re a global directory, so we cover everywhere from Barbados to Bolton.

What services does Entertainers Worldwide provide for weddings?

We make it as easy as possible to book exactly what you need to make your wedding day perfect. You can search for a huge variety of acts and services in your area, including singers, bands, musicians, magicians and hypnotists, comedy waiters, dancers and acrobats, firework displays, photo booths, photographers, limousines and marquees.

Emily Reed Singer

What sets Entertainers Worldwide apart from other wedding entertainment agencies?

I think the main difference is that we allow the booker to deal directly with their entertainment, with no middle man to deal with or added agency fees. We don’t just offer one type of service; we cover everything you could need for your wedding and it’s completely free to contact and book through our site. You can contact as many acts or services as you like.

We also take great pride in the level of support we offer to our bookers, including extensive and detailed guides on how to book entertainment, with everything you could need to know from price guides, to recommended floor area and what types of questions to ask.

What type of entertainment acts can you provide for a wedding?

It’s a pretty extensive list! Opera singers, male and female singers, duos, musicians of all varieties including harpists and violinists, live bands and tribute bands, DJs, dancers of every sort from ballet to belly, magicians, illusionists and hypnotists, children’s entertainers including clowns and jugglers, circus acts, aerialists and contortionists, comedians and lookalikes… that’s a few of them, but there are many more.

Bride and Groom Looking in Magic Mirror

Who’s your most popular lookalike?

We have a hilarious London-based Ricky Gervais lookalike called Tom Oliver. Everyone loves chatting to him and he gets great reviews.

Have you ever had one of your hypnotists booked for a wedding?

Our hypnotist Ian Dee is certainly in demand for weddings. He had a great review recently from a couple who said his act was fantastic and their guests can’t stop talking about him!

What entertainment acts can you provide for keeping children entertained?

We have some brilliant children’s entertainers, including magicians, clowns, balloon modellers and the always-popular face painters (great for the wedding photos!).

440 Quartet

What is your top tip for choosing wedding entertainment?

Blimey, it’s hard to narrow it down to one. We have tons of advice on booking wedding entertainment in our blogs and on our Facebook Wedding Entertainment page. If I had to choose one tip it would be to plan well in advance to make sure you get the perfect entertainment for your wonderful day.

What have been the top entertainment acts of 2018?

Magicians are always incredibly in demand, probably because they provide that unique combination of entertainment and wonder (but then I’m almost certainly biased!). Drag acts have also been really popular this year.

Martin Magician

What do you think the trends for wedding entertainment will be in 2019?

I think the move is definitely towards booking lots of different entertainment. There seems to be a trend towards couples booking acts to entertain their guests during the meal and later in the evening, as well as the traditional bands and DJs to get everyone up and dancing. Magic Selfie Mirrors have also become a massive trend. I think Children’s Entertainment, whether it’s inflatables or a face painter is becoming increasingly popular. I guess it’s those extra touches that make the day even more memorable.

Entertainers Worldwide also has a blog. What content can help couples looking for entertainment for their wedding?

We have detailed guides to booking various act types which you can find on all the main entertainment category pages. For example, this is our Complete Guide to Booking Live Bands and Groups, which includes everything from how long their sets are likely to be, to what equipment they may need at the venue and what the price range is likely to be.

We also have an entire section on our blog on wedding planning ideas.

Wedding Party Band

What’s the best thing about your job?

Reading the testimonials we get from bookers about our entertainers. It’s fantastic with the ridiculous amount of hours I have put in to the business to hear about all the brilliant events, parties and weddings that are going on and have been booked using our service.

What’s your typical day like?

I usually start my day catching up with our team members. We’re always coming up with new ways to make bookings easier and provide robust customer support. From then on it’s head down and work, work, work on the website thinking of new ways to improve it, with breaks of course to spend time with my amazing wife and two beautiful children.

Harp in Wedding Ceremony

Random question… What’s your TV guilty pleasure?

Daredevil on Netflix! (Sorry, were you expecting Britain’s Got Talent?)

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