Annabel Panes - CRED Jewellery

Interview with: Annabel Panes — Jewellery Designer at CRED

Company Name: CRED Jewellery

Location: London & Chichester

What does CRED Jewellery specialise in?

CRED Jewellery are the Fairtrade jewellers. Couples love our wedding and engagement rings made from Fairtrade and Fairmined certified gold because of their ethical integrity and what they signify.

Each ring has a personal and unique story — we know exactly where the gold came from and where it was made. Choose from classic gold wedding bands, to decorative and engraved wedding rings, or create your own bespoke design.

CRED Decorative Fairtrade Wedding Rings

How did CRED Jewellery come about and how long has the business been going?

CRED have been pioneering ethical jewellery since 1996. What began as a campaign for ethical practices in jewellery developed into a reputable fine jewellery brand, working exclusively with ethically sourced precious metals and gemstones in beautiful designs.

Over 15 years of working directly with gold miners was used as the basis for the Fairtrade and Fairtrade standard for gold launched in 2011.

One of our recent highlights was when Livia Firth (wife of Colin) wore CRED gold jewellery down the Oscars’ red carpet when he won Best Actor for The King’s Speech.

CRED Twist Solitaire Bridal Shot

Who works at CRED?

There are about 10 of us across the London and Chichester locations, all passionate about jewellery and the ethos of the brand. I have been designing ethical jewellery for CRED since 2008.

What sets CRED Jewellery apart from other jewellery companies?

Two things:

  • Our transparency; we have developed relationships with the mines, and can trace every ring back to source.
  • Our combination of design and ethics. There are no other jewellery companies as committed to developing ethical jewellery and offering new and exciting fine jewellery designs.CRED Fairtrade Basket Solitaire 1ct

Can you tell us more about CRED Jewellery being a Fairtrade jeweller?

It is our aim to make Fairtrade and Fairmined gold available all over the high street. We will never compromise on ethics, and ensure it is entwined in the make-up of each piece of jewellery we create.

Does CRED design and make each piece of jewellery or are these made elsewhere?

All the jewellery is designed at CRED and made by our talented workshops in the UK. We do have recycled silver jewellery collections made by artisans in Nepal, who we have been working with since the beginning of CRED, and who we want to keep employing, as they are so skilled.

CRED Wedding Ring Pouch

Describe CRED Jewellery in three words.

Fairtrade, Quality, Beautiful

Where do you get the inspiration for your pieces?

This varies for each collection! Our most recent pieces are vintage inspired jewellery with a distinct British air.

CRED Bridal Twist & Diamond Cut

Do you offer a bespoke service?

Yes. I work closely with you to create a personal piece of jewellery to suit you and your budget.

What’s your favourite piece that CRED Jewellery produces?

The Jubilee filigree rings. They are made in recycled silver with gorgeous ethical gemstones in pastel colours — a real statement piece!

Statement Rings with Silver Filigree Detail - CRED Jewellery

Where can I find out more about CRED Jewellery?

Our website, where you can browse the whole collection, make an appointment, or read about Fairtrade gold.