Company Name: Booths By Lux

Interview with: John Austen

Location / Coverage: London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire

What is Booths By Lux?

Booths By Lux is a high-end wedding and corporate event supplier. Although based in London, we also do quite a lot of work in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

For weddings we specialise in providing Photo Booths, Magic Mirrors and the newly released 360 Slow Motion Booths. We also offer extras such as Venue Uplighting and Stage Lighting (see the packages on our website for more info).

Photo booth from Booths By Lux

How did Booths By Lux get started and how long has the business been going?

We first started out back in late 2011, but in a different part of the industry — doing sound for bands! This was fun, but surprisingly unsociable work, despite being surrounded by so many people. So we wanted to find an area where we could still offer great service, but interact with our guests and clients much more.

What packages do you offer?

We try to offer just one package for each service. This minimises confusion, and helps us offer fantastic value to our clients. This is usually inclusive of everything required for most events. Then, if you want to add an add-on (such as confetti blasts for the 360 Slow Motion booth), we can include that as well.

Guests using 360 Slow Motion Booth from Booths By Lux

Tell us more about your 360 Slow Motion Booth

We are so excited about the 360 SMB (Slow Motion Booth). These are HUGE in American (see all the big film award shows over there), but are still very new in the UK and Europe.

Essentially, it works by having 4-6 guests stand on our circular platform. When ready, the camera will then do a complete circular loop of the station, taking a slow motion video of all guests onboard. This is a great chance to throw some shapes, blast some confetti in the air, or fire dollars towards the camera using our Dollar Blaster. Guaranteed fun.

The videos are around 4-5 seconds long, and can include an Instagram-style ‘Boomerang’ effect too. Guests can then either email or text the video to their phones. Once they’ve finished recording/viewing their video it will instantly upload to our online gallery.

What sizes and configurations are your Starlit Dance Floors available in? Are they suitable for marquees?

We can provide White Starlit Floors up to 16 x 16 ft. These can be used in marquees providing there is power available, and the ground is reasonably flat.

What’s the most popular service Booths By Lux offers?

I would say the Traditional Photo Booths are still the most booked service, although we have definitely noticed the Magic Mirror catching up in recent years. We bought our first Mirror in 2016 and nobody really knew what they were then. Personally, I think the Mirror is a shade more fun!

Magic Mirror from Booths By Lux

What sets Booths By Lux apart from other companies offering similar services?

I honestly believe our operators do. We have worked with a lot of other booth companies in the past, and they quite often see staffing their events as just a box they need to tick.

As we are not a huge business (we own six booths total), our team is very small. All the guys and girls who go out with our equipment are using it week in, week out, meaning they know how to work it much better than other freelancers that just pop in to cover the odd event. It also means they feel much closer to the events and the business, which really does result in a far better quality of service for our clients.

iPad showing picture taken on 360 Slow Motion Booth

How long in advance do couples need to book your services?

We like to have at least a fortnight to make sure we can match and exceed our clients’ expectations, but we are happy to entertain any last minute requests where possible!

Where can couples find out more about Booths By Lux?