Inspired by the 2016 colours, Shropshire Petals has just launched their brand new collection of confetti cones. The collection includes navy, brown craft, yellow, grey, blue, pink, lilac and green confetti cones.

Blue Confetti Cones from Shropshire Petals

The 2016 wedding colours are simply stunning. With such a variety there is so much scope for 2016 brides to be creative and play with colour. We are expecting to see pastel tones such as Rose Quartz, Serenity and Limpet Shell, darker tones such as Iced Coffee and Snorkel Blue, with hints of Fiesta red, Green Flash and Buttercup yellow.

Brown Craft Confetti Cones from Shropshire Petals

Shropshire Petals’ confetti cones are available to order as a package, which includes 10 cones and a litre of confetti — more than enough for 10 people. They are also available in the Shropshire Box package which comes with 25 cones and plenty of confetti, and the Bo-Peep basket package which includes the basket, confetti and 20 cones.

Yellow Confetti Cones from Shropshire Petals

As well as their iconic white confetti cone, each colour cone is embossed with the Shropshire Petals’ flower, giving them a subtle texture.

Purple Confetti Cones from Shropshire Petals

Pick and mix your unique confetti mix using the Shropshire Petals online tool, where you can play with colours and create a mix to match or contrast your wedding theme. Get creative using this season’s wedding colours to create a stunning, colourful confetti moment.

Navy Confetti Cones from Shropshire Petals

With more choice of cones and the large selection of petals, you will find the perfect colours for your wedding day.

Pink Confetti Cones from Shropshire Petals

Shropshire Petals has also just launched their free delivery on orders over £50, and you can get 10% off orders over £65 at by mentioning The Wedding Community.

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