Hiring props for your wedding to create the look you want is not really anything new, but have you thought about hiring a flower garden? Perhaps not, until now… The Prop Factory has launched the most fantastic giant flowers for hire that when used together create a magnificent flower garden. Not only will they wow you and your wedding guests, but they form a backdrop like no other.

For an outdoor wedding, imagine creating this scene in the garden of your venue to use as a ceremony backdrop. In fact, as most of these flowers are free-standing you could create a floral wonderland indoors.

Each flower is handmade by The Prop Factory, with the flowers and leaves delicately constructed with authentic markings. The range includes the huge 220cm tall rose-like enchanted flower, giant daisies and sunflowers, and even tall grass. To add extra enchantment, how about adding a toadstool or two?

If you are looking to create something very special and unique for your big day then these giant flowers from The Prop Factory will turn your wedding into an enchanted wonderland. Blooming marvellous!

Giant Flowers from The Prop Factory in Froginwell Vineyard

A Jungle of Flowers

“The idea behind this shoot was to showcase our new full range of Giant Flowers, all handmade at our warehouse. At The Prop Factory we have seven giant flower options, all free-standing apart from the daisies which spike into grass easily. They range from Giant Sunflowers to Grass Tiles. I pulled the shoot forward because I couldn’t risk missing the beautiful weather we had recently. I’m so glad it all came together.

“I wanted to create a jungle of flowers in the Vineyard at Froginwell that customers could take inspiration from or re-create this summer. Couples could use the flowers at their wedding for photo opportunities or as a ceremony backdrop.

Bridesmaid and flower girl walking through Giant Flowers from The Prop Factory

Bridesmaid standing amongst Giant Flowers from The Prop Factory

Bridesmaid with colourful flower crown

Flower girl walking though field of Giant Flowers from The Prop Factory

Flower girl looking up at Giant Flower

Bridesmaid looking up at Giant Sunflower

“I didn’t use a bride and groom as we wanted to focus on guests having fun (the casual daytime party element) or an opportunity for bridesmaids to have gorgeous photos amongst the flowers… especially little Charlotte who made everything look even bigger!

“The colours of the dresses from Kim at Abidemaids were perfect alongside the flower crowns, which I made here at the warehouse using faux flowers and wire. I wanted the hairstyles loose and elegant, so Natalie weaved Heidi’s pretty locks around the flower crown so it became part of her hair. Chloe used a blush spring colour palette and dusted Heidi’s eyes with pearly pinks and purples to match her dress changes.”

Bridesmaid with bright faux flower crown

Bridesmaid walking through field of Giant Flowers from The Prop Factory

Back of bridesmaid's dress

Bridesmaid sitting with head in hands

Flower girl touching Giant Flower

Giant Toadstools from The Prop Factory

Flower girl standing under Giant Toadstool from The Prop Factory

Creative Team

Giant Flowers, Flower Crowns and Styling: The Prop Factory

Photography: Ellie Cruse at Confetti Rose Film

Shoot Location: Froginwell Vineyard, Exeter, Devon

Make-Up: Chloe Jane Make Up Artist

Hair: Natalie Nichols

Dresses: Abidemaids

Models: Heidi and Charlotte