Your wedding pictures are one of the only parts of your wedding day that will stay with you forever. Although your wedding pictures are probably the best and most important pictures you will ever have taken, they’re sometimes quite formal. So what about having some fun post wedding shoot pictures taken?

Bride with painting over face for post wedding shoot

Compadrito Smile Post Wedding Shoot

That Moment Photo, based in Mexico, has taken fun to a whole new level! They have been taking couples into the streets of Mexico for fabulous post wedding shoot pictures. They call these session Compadrito Smile. Couples get to experience some of the non-tourist locations and interact with the Mexican people in their day-to-day lives. As well as having this opportunity, they can also visit the typical places like 5th Avenue of Playa del Carmen.

Groom jumping off skateboard as bride watches

Bride and groom jumping in street

Bride kissing statue as groom makes gesture

Bride pulling nose of groom's devil balaclava

Bride and groom on beach in Mexico

Groom flipping up skateboard as bride watches in background

Bride and groom on jetty behind boats

We love the idea and had to share these pictures with you. The colours, streets, and vibrancy of Mexico are all so fabulous. They are an incredible backdrop for some super-cool post wedding shoot pictures.

Bride and groom in Mexico as cars drive past

Bride and groom sitting on jetty

Groom giving bride piggyback ride

Bird on pillar with bride and groom kissing in background

Bride and groom sitting in cart for post wedding shoot picture

Bride and groom kissing on end of jetty as man jumps off

Bride and groom's feet

Bride and groom playing tennis in middle of street in Mexico

Groom wearing devil balaclava peering out from pillar behind bride

These pictures show what fun you can have in Mexico. However, there are many other places around the world, and here in the UK, that you could create similar, fun pictures to treasure forever.

Bride putting sombrero on groom's head

Bride and groom sitting outside Phantom Divers in Mexico

Bride leaning back from wooden view point

Bride and groom through car window

Bride and groom next to vive Mexico sign

Bride and groom holding hands under bridge

Groom holding painting over bride's face

Bride and groom on end of jetty on beach in Mexico

Bride leaning against pillar

The First Married Moments

“Our couples love these sessions. Most of them have a session right after the wedding day. They are therefore more relaxed and enjoy their first moments of married life; we love it! It is impossible for us to have one favourite photo but we are sharing a selection of the ones we like best. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!”

Bride wearing red nose pulling face at groom

Bride and groom walking along jetty

Bride and groom having post wedding shoot in Mexico

Bride and groom standing by puddle

Bride and groom sitting in streets of Mexico

Bride and groom seen though gap in cement mixer lorry

Groom carrying bride under bridge for post wedding shoot

Bride and groom walking on beach holding hands

Groom with devil balaclava jumping out on bride

Images © That Moment Photo