Today’s incredible wedding inspiration is full of stylish details and fabulous tropical florals. The styling team, led by Perfect the Event, used bougainvillea, a bright pink tropical climbing plant, to bring an explosion of colour to the shoot. Combined with palm leaves it creates a real wow factor for this tropical wedding styling.

The 1912 in California, with its aristocratic vibe and sophisticated allure, works so well as the backdrop. Used in varying ways, the fabulous tropical foliage and flowers bring the venue to life. I love the statement floral ceremony arch, and the same magnificent florals create spectacular table arrangements where the flowers cascade over the edges. Although bright and colourful, the minimal styling allows the florals to take centre stage.

Bride standing in front of ceremony backdrop and seating tropically styled with bougainvillea

Huge thanks go to Alicia Mink for sharing these modern tropical wedding ideas she captured so perfectly.

Colourful Wonder

“The light gently pours down onto green and fuchsia beds of exotic growth. Elephant ears and monstera leaves showcase the vibrant tones of the bougainvillea, and candle light dances beneath. A once urban framework quickly evolves into the lair of the jungle and the birthplace of the rainforest elephant.

“Cascading into a place she thought she once knew, but now looks like a foreign world; she slowly walks through. Taking in each detail, each touch of pigmented gold, each round edge of grey river rock china. She now sees the beauty of what has become of her once big city memories. A Hayley Paige design hugs her body, as her Maria Elena headpiece and wrist statement glisten, she is ready for this day. The day she becomes one with the man she met in this foreign world, and fell madly in love with. He is prone to this world, and thrives in the colourful wonder.

“This is the day that their two worlds collide. The modern marvel and the jungle gentleman.”

Wedding dress hanging on wall

Wedding dress and bride holding bouquet of large white tropical flower

Wedding rings on tropical palm leaf

Tropical wedding stationery and bridal jewellery on palm leaf

Bride and groom in warehouse venue

Bride and groom

Wedding table styled with bougainvillea and palm leaves in front of hexagonal backdrop

Ghost chairs and bright pink bougainvillea

Glass wedding table in front of hexagonal backdrop

Bright pink bougainvillea and palm leaves on edge of wedding table

Glass vases with floating candles in front of wedding table styled with bougainvillea

Tropical wedding place setting

Large tropical palm leaves

Bougainvillea hanging down over vases of floating candles

Bride and groom sitting at tropical wedding table styled with bougainvillea

Bride and groom at wedding table in front of hexagonal backdrop

Wedding ceremony arch and seating styled with bright pink bougainvillea and tropical foliage

Wedding ceremony arch of tropical foliage and bougainvillea

Vases of floating candles in front of tropical palm leaves and bougainvillea

Metal wedding chairs surrounded by tropical palm leaves and pink bougainvillea

Pink bougainvillea on floor with vases of floating candles

Vases of floating candles with pink bougainvillea and tropical leaves

Bride and groom in front of tropical wedding ceremony arch

Bride with floral hair accessory facing groom

Bride and groom kissing in front of tropical wedding ceremony arch

Floral accessory in bride's updo hairstyle

Ghost chairs in front of wedding table styled with bougainvillea

Bougainvillea hanging off of edge of wedding table

Bougainvillea and tropical palm leaves on wedding table with gold decoration

Gold table wedding decoration and glasses

Bright pink bougainvillea and tall candles down centre of wedding table

Wedding place setting with bright pink tropical wedding styling

Elephant ornament wedding table decoration with bougainvillea and candles

Wedding place setting with light green menu

Bride standing in empty room

Groom standing behind bride with wrist accessory

Bride and groom in empty room

Groom wearing grey suit and purple bow tie

Groom's watch

Groom's grey suit and bright pink buttonhole

Bride and groom touching heads

Creative Team

Photography: Alicia Mink

Styling: Perfect the Event

Shoot Location: The 1912, Santa Ana, California

Flowers: Three Petals Design