Ok ladies, if you are looking for ideas for your wedding hair and make-up, then you are in for a treat today. Team Glam has created some bridal looks to die for in their latest style collection for 2016.

We love the bridal make-up looks for 2016 — and the hairstyles, well, wow! From curly, elegant up-dos, to 50s chic, and even a Mohican inspired style, there really is something for every bride…

Miss Zoe — An Effortlessly Elegant Bridal Look

Elegant bridal look

We created our ‘signature’ bridal look for Zoe — soft, beautifying and effortlessly elegant. Concentrating on defining her eyes, we opted for neutral and beautifully blended tones. There are no definite lines and all of the shading is perfectly placed to accentuate Zoe’s gorgeously large eyes.

Bride with defined eyes and elegant make-up

This softly curled bridal hairstyle was created using clip in extensions and padding, which gave a luxurious full look. Extensions in two shades were used to define the curl and structure the hairstyle, giving that effortlessly elegant finish.

Softly curled bridal hairstyle updo

Images: Anna Marie Cooper | Dress: Jane by Savin London | Headpiece: Flo and Percy

Miss Jenny — A Very Current, Soft and Pretty Bridal Look

Soft and pretty bridal look

We created a very current bridal look for Jenny; soft and pretty, using peach and sage tones on her eyes. The perfect, flawless, HD finish was created by using Airbase make-up on Jenny’s skin, and very soft contouring was applied using fresh peach/apricot tones, mixing peach blush, to really emphasize Jenny’s amazing bone structure.

Bridal make-up using Airbase make-up

Jenny’s hair was tightly barrel curled, and extensions were added and then pinned in place over padding to create fullness at the nape. The front section was left down to frame the face. This hairstyle, which has been very popular with our brides, is very secure whilst looking very soft and un-done.

Soft, curly bridal hairstyle

Images: Anna Marie Cooper | Dress: Charlotte Balbier

Miss Lucy S — 50s/60s Bridal Style with a Twist

Avant-garde bridal look

This strong avant-garde look was inspired by the 50s/60s, with a twist; this is all about the eyes, with vibrant colour, liquid eyeliner and dark brows. For this cutting edge look we really emphasized Lucy’s super skin and stunning features using a range of strong contouring, highlighting and sculpting techniques. This look was finished with an ombre pink lip for a confident bride.

Vibrant bridal eye make-up look

This is one of our more avant-garde looks which show how hair can be sculpted into more elaborate sleek shapes. Again hair extensions were used with padding, which was placed on the crown to create the volume.

Sleek bridal updo hairsty;e

Images: David Michael Photography | Dress: Angel by Savin London

Miss Stephanie — Old School Hollywood Glamour Bridal Style

Hollywood glamour bridal look

For Stephanie it is all about the old school Hollywood glamour. With the perfect hue of red on the lips, matte skin and winged eyeliner, bringing the look more up to date with the defined brows. Brides are still going crazy for this timeless classic, and what we really love about this look is that it can be adapted to a softer look during the day by toning down the lip colour.

Hollywood glamour bridal make-up

Directionally barrel curling the hair created classic Hollywood waves, which had extensions added to create both volume and length. For added interest and drama the side was swept back — a truly glamorous look.

Hollywood waves bridal hairstyle

Images: Anna Marie Cooper | Dress: Charlotte Balbier

Miss Leanne — The Rock Star Bride Look

Rock star bridal look

With heavy, smoky eyes and very definite black lines, Leanne is the Rock Star bride. This look is all about bold metallics in gold and bronze. Those shades were really complemented by Leanne’s amazing skin tone, and we we’re able to put those into her complexion as well by using bronze and glow powders.

Smoky eyes bridal make-up

An avant-garde Mohican inspired hairstyle created on naturally very curly hair, the hair was back-combed to create volume on this very striking style. To add interest and drama small feather extensions were added.

Avant-garde mohican bridal hairstyle

Images: David Michael Photography | Dress: Muscat London

Miss Lucy A — Bold and Confident Bridal Style

Bold and confident bridal look

Taking some inspiration from Asian bridal make-up, Lucy’s make-up was bold and confident. Metallics are blended perfectly to really open up that almond eye shape, and lots of highlighting techniques were used on Lucy’s skin for that flawless HD finish. We kept the overall make-up looking fresh and not to heavy by adding a pop of colour to Lucy’s lips.

Fresh bridal make-up

This hairstyle used two pad and hair extensions to create the look, and some blonde extensions were also used to add highlights to the sculpted style. This avant-garde look could easily be adapted to a large chignon at the nape or statement bun.

Bridal updo with blonde highlights

Images: David Michael Photography | Dress: Kevin Muscat | Headpiece: Emmy London

Miss Sophie — A Natural, Beautiful Bridal Look

Light and natural bridal look

Everything about Sophie’s make-up is light and beautifying. It’s the perfect ‘no make-up, make-up’; the make-up that when people see you they know your look beautiful but can’t work out why. Lots of our bridal clients ask for a very natural look and this is exactly what has been created for Sophie. All the shades are very neutral and there are no definite lines — it’s soft, blended and radiant.

Natural bridal make-up

Once again we used extensions to create this softly braided hairstyle. Using a small barrel tong the hair was curled first to create the texture that defines the braid. This hairstyle works well on all hair types and colours, especially when extensions in two shades are added for extra definition.

Braided bridal hairstyle

Images: Anna Marie Cooper | Dress: Amanda Wyatt | Headpiece: Flo and Percy

Photography: Anna Marie Photography and David Michael Photography

Videography: TSJ Films

Headpieces: Emmy London and Flo and Percy

Wedding Dresses: Savin London, Muscat Bridal, Charlotte Balbier and Amanda Wyatt