The Ranch in Greece

Today we are very excited to be featuring the amazing ranch wedding of Victoria and Charis. Not only this is an uber-cool wedding, it’s also in Greece — a ranch wedding in the sunshine, what more could you want? Lena Love Light has captured the wonderful styling of this wedding beautifully…

“I organised the wedding myself, with the help of family and friends. Our wedding style was a combination of vintage, rustic, country chic — after all, it was a ranch wedding.

“Charis proposed to me at our home. He had hidden the wedding ring somewhere in the house and told me to do a chore in order to find it; he caught me by surprise and when I found it he said ‘What would you think of getting married?’

“We did not dance a ‘first dance’, but we love the song ‘Sometimes’ by James, which was played the minute we entered the room for our reception and party to start. It was a very happy moment; all you could see was happy, smiling faces everywhere!

“I did not realise how time flew — it was like having a beautiful dream and then I woke up!”

Hotel Stable at The Ranch in Greece

Couple kissing Small wooden building


Lady with cowboy hat

Horse Just married cans

Woman kissing man on cheek

Woman throwing cowboy hat in the air Cowboy's prayer

Woman kissing man on cheek

Horses Woman stroking horse

Wedding dress

Wedding dress Wedding shoes

Detail on wedding dress

Wedding rings

Woman laughing

Women hugging

Women hugging

Bride wiping eyes before wedding

Bride having make-up applied Bridesmaid picking up wedding dress off bed

Bridal preparations

Bride looking in mirror

Woman kissing another woman's knees

Bag of confetti

Bride and father on way to wedding

Bride and groom at altar

Outdoor wedding ceremony

Bride drinking

Bride and groom kiss


Bride and groom

Bride and groom kiss on stairs Bride about to throw bouquet

Woman catching bouquet

Bride with woman who caught bouquet

Wedding breakfast

Wedding reception in The Ranch

Selfie at wedding

Bride holding hands with elderly lady

Wedding dance

Dancing at wedding

Wedding party

The Ranch at night

Images © Lena Love Light