Bride and groom standing by wall under street light

Sarah and Matt’s wedding, photographed by Stone Photo, took place at Brix Restaurant and Wine Bar in Vancouver, and was styled around a travel theme. As Sarah is Jewish, their wedding also included Jewish wedding traditions, including both her parents walking her down the aisle, the ceremony taking place under a chuppah (wedding canopy), signing a ketubah (Jewish wedding document), and breaking a glass at the end of the ceremony…

“We did not have a colour scheme but did have a travel theme. We felt that a travel theme really suited us because we are from different countries and spent the first few months of our relationship travelling together.

“I think I may have been temporarily insane when I made the decision to make everything for the wedding! I made the escort cards, board for them to hang on, all of the centrepiece picture frames and small table decorations. I cut out maps and maple leaves from old map paper to put on the tables like confetti. The venue did not really need very much decoration and we only added small touches such as candles and tablecloths.

“Not being that interested or inspired by fashion, choosing a dress was not particularly important to me; I was more interested in function and keeping the cost down. I had made a commitment to not spend more than $500, and ended up choosing a dress that was actually a bridesmaid dress that I ordered in ivory.

“Our whole wedding was held at Brix Restaurant and Wine bar. The ceremony was in the courtyard and the reception in the restaurant. The courtyard was later converted into a seating space for a dessert buffet and for those not on the dance floor. We chose not to have a wedding cake and instead opted for the dessert buffet. I often find that dessert is rushed at weddings, and as a dessert person, I wanted our dinner to go down and then properly enjoy dessert!

“Having religious elements in the ceremony was very important to me, and one of my favourite parts of the wedding was our chuppah (pronounced huppa). A chuppah, symbolic in Jewish wedding ceremonies, is a wedding canopy that represents the new home that a couple will create together. The sides of the canopy are open to symbolise the importance of our involvement in the community and with our family and friends. I knew that because we are an interfaith couple we would not be able to use an official one from a synagogue and would need to create our own, so when we sent out save the date cards a year before the wedding, we also included a square of fabric for our guests to design. Matt’s mum, the heart of this operation, hand-stitched all of the squares together to create the chuppah for us.”

Row of wedding bouquets

Bridal brooch bouquet

Brooch on bouquet

Stem of brooch bouquet

Bridal shoes

Wedding dress hanging by window Bride putting on dress looking in the mirror

Bride putting on shoes

Bridesmaid putting on bride's necklace

Bride kissing father

Bridesmaid wiping away bride's tear

Bride with bridesmaids, flower girls and pageboys

Bride holding brooch bouquet

Bridesmaid in light blue dress holding bouquet

Bridesmaid in blue dress holding bouquet

Bridesmaid in blush dress holding bouquet

Bridesmaid in grey dress holding bouquet

Bridesmaid in pink dress holding bouquet

Bride with flower girls and pageboy

Bridal party walking to wedding

Handmade buttonholes

Groom doing up tie

Map cufflink

Groom doing up waistcoat

Groom doing up jacket

Groom smiling

Groomsmen having drink before wedding

Brix restaurant Vancouver

Homemade chuppah

Squares on Chuppah

Groomsmen waiting in wedding ceremony

Wedding guests reading order of service

Guests turingheads to watch bride walk down the aisle

Bride walking with father and mother

Bride entering wedding ceremony with parents

Bride walking up aisle

Wedding ceremony at Brix in Vancouver Bride and groom under chuppah

Wedding ceremony

Pageboy doing reading

Wedding reading

Bride and groom holding hands

Best man giving groom rings

Bride placing ring on groom's finger

Bride and groom kiss

Bride and groom hug under chuppah


Bride signing register Groom signing register

Signing ketubah

Glass to be broken in wedding ceremony

Groom stamping on glass

Jewish wedding tradition

Marriage certificate and ketubah

Bride, groom and parents

Bridal party

Bride and groom by windows

Bride and groom leaning back on door

Brde and groom by high wall

Bride and groom sitting on wall

Bride and groom sitting on wall

Bride and groom in vancouver by fountains

Bride and groom surrounded by smoke

Bride and groom's reflections in window

Bride and groom by steam train

Travel wedding theme details

Suitcase for wedding cards Tree wedding book

Picture sof bride and groom when young

Small globe Wedding message book

Map wedding table plan

Luggage tag wedding place card

Brix restaurant Vancouver

Wedding tables at Brix restaurant

Bride and groom entering wedding breakfast

Bride walking into wedding breakfast

Wedding food

Father of the bride speech

Bride and groom listening to speech

Groom holding up speech

Grooms speech

Bride wedding speech

Wedding speech in mirror

Bridesmaid speech

Bridesmaid giving speech

Bridesmaids giving wedding speech

Best man wedding speech

Groom laughing at speech

Cakes at wedding




Brix restaurant courtyard at night


Detail on chuppah

Heart picture on chuppah

Bride and groom picture on chuppah

Heart on chuppah

Tree picture on chuppah

Hand-sewn detail on chuppah

Bride and groom dance

First dance

Bride hugging groom

Bride and groom dancing

Bride and groom under chuppah at night

Bride and groom at end of passage way at Brix restaurant

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