And the winner is… Alexa Loy Photography!

Bride jumping in air and clicking heels together as wedding guests walk down hill - Picture by Alexa Loy Photography

We now have 10 of our finalists for our Picture of the Year vote in January, after Alexa Loy Photography received the most votes in our poll to win our October 2015 Picture of the Month. This fun picture was taken at the wedding of Lauralei and James in St Ives, Cornwall, and a delighted Alexa told us how the shot came about…

“Lauralei and James (or Frog and Weasel as they are known to family and friends) married in a humanist ceremony at the top of the hill on the Island in St Ives, Cornwall. Their day centred around several of their favourite places in the town, and their ceremony was high up outside a tiny chapel, overlooking the ocean, beaches and the winding streets of the town below. Their deep love of Cornwall, their creativity and their sense of fun all came together at the right moment in this image.

“I had asked them to walk down the bottom of the island for some photographs and I was waiting for them to join me. On her way down the hill, Frog threw her heels together in an awesome click of celebration!

“I just love that this image sums up the pure joy of the ‘I just married my best friend in my favourite place in the whole world’ feeling.”

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