And the winner is… Rebecca Rose Noller Photography!

We now have just one place up for grabs in our 2018 Picture of the Year vote, after this wonderful picture by Rebecca Rose Noller Photography received the most votes in our November 2018 Picture of the Month poll. Taken at Catriona and Rory’s wedding in Pitcaple, Scotland, Rebecca told us how the lack of natural light and the use of sparklers meant the shot required a lot of preparation…

Bride in leather jacket kissing groom in kilt surrounded by guests with sparklers - Picture by Rebecca Rose Noller Photography

Tricky Lighting

“Catriona and Rory married at Logie Country House in Pitcaple, Scotland. Catriona was really enthusiastic about her wedding photography and loved to get involved in the ideas behind some of the shots. She and Rory had decided that they would have a sparkler exit just outside the barn after the meal.

“The shot took a bit of organising as I had to ensure all the sparklers were lit at roughly the same time throughout the aisle of guests that I had set up. Lighting this shot was also tricky as I only had the light from the sparklers and the soft lighting from the festoon lights on the roof of the venue to work with.

“I tweaked my camera settings to correspond with the ambient light of the sparklers, asking one of the guests to light a sparkler and have fun with it while I adjusted my settings. Taking these test shots ahead of time gave me a chance to calibrate my equipment. I could then capture the genuine emotion and excitement of the guests as they cheered Catriona and Rory down the aisle.”

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