And the winner is… Andrew Keher Photography!

Our congratulations go to Andrew Keher Photography, after this stunning picture was voted our May 2016 Picture of the Month. Taken at Sarah and Andy’s wedding in the Peak District, Andy explains the lengths he went to in order to get this shot…

Silhouette of large tree and bride and groom walking down a hill - Picture by Andrew Keher Photography

The Journey Ahead

“This shot was taken a couple of months ago at Sarah and Andy’s wedding, in the last bit of evening light. It was taken on an ultra wide-angle lens to really capture the sense of scale of such a dramatic landscape.

“They managed to climb right to the top of the big hill above the famous Speedwell Caverns, and I’m actually about 30 feet below them at this point, clinging to a rather steep slope and trying not to slide down!

“The thing I love most about this image is the sense of adventure and the journey ahead, the couple supporting each other on their epic trek; hopefully a sign of the amazing marriage they will enjoy together!

“It’s always a pleasure to surprise the couple with a shot like this too — they really had no idea what I had in my head when I made them clamber up there in the wind and the cold, but I knew exactly the look I wanted It doesn’t always work out, but I’m really pleased this one did!”

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