And the winner is… John Woodward Photography!

Our March 2019 Picture of the Month award goes to John Woodward Photography for this eye-catching picture from Sarah and Myles’s wedding in London. John described the wedding as one of his “absolute favourites”, and told us how this picture “almost took itself”…

Bride and groom standing in front of wall with Ben Eine graffiti - Picture by John Woodward Photography

A Day to Remember

“Sarah and Myles married back in September 2018 at the rather incredible Devonshire Terrace, just on the edge of the Square Mile in London’s financial district. An old East Indian Company warehouse conversion, its was a fantastic backdrop to their wedding, for sure.

“Myles is Irish, so his family all came over and the craic was good! The day started very chilled, each in their respective hotel rooms with their parties, relaxing, getting ready, with no stresses at all. This whole vibe continued through the day. Smiles, laughter, and one little chink in Myles’ armour when he welled up as Sarah and her dad walked down the aisle. The ceremony was light-hearted and full of smiles, the speeches hilarious (Myles’ brother could be a stand up comedian!), and the rest of the day fell into place beautifully.

“I think Sarah and Myles were grateful for a tiny bit of respite from the revelry, so we went for a quick walk around in the city close by. I took this shot in front of a graffiti wall you wouldn’t expect to be where it is… on the side of a building that’s on the corner junction of a main road and a side street with lots of shutters and dark and dingy alleys, almost immediately behind the venue.

“It couldn’t have been more perfect taken out of context like this. By framing it so you couldn’t see the surroundings, and with the light directly on the wall, the picture almost took itself. That walk around was one of the most successful couple shoots I have taken at a wedding, with at least six or seven images from it I could have entered in place of this one.

“However, I am glad this one was chosen and won, as it sums up the day perfectly… fun, smiles, relaxed, different, interesting and a day to remember. A fantastic wedding I am proud to have been part of, and I couldn’t have wished for a more lovely couple.”

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