And the winner is… DSB Creative!

Bride and groom standing by car with dark clouds and rainbow in background - Picture by DSB Creative

Our congratulations again go to Damian of DSB Creative, as after winning our Picture of the Year 2013 competition in January he’s followed up the success by also winning our March 2014 Picture of the Day vote. In another extremely close fought competition, this stunning picture received the most votes to become the third picture to go through to our 2014 Picture of the Year competition.

Damian told us how the picture came about…

“This picture was taken at the Greek wedding of Joanna and Andy which was held at the Whitewell Inn late last year, and was one of those spontaneous shots that just happen in the ‘moment’.

“Jo and Andy were sipping ‘bubbly’ in the back of that amazing vintage Triumph motor as we drove through a downpour from the Greek orthodox church to the Whitewell Inn, when suddenly the rain stopped and the two amazing rainbows appeared. I excitedly shouted “STOP THE CAR”, and we rushed out. I framed the couple within the rainbow but something was missing — the Triumph motor — so the driver backed up, I re-framed them with the car and we re-took the shot. I am so glad we did it in a two minute window before the heavens opened again!

“Moments like these don’t always happen, but when they do and you nail it it’s one of the best feelings ever for a photographer!”

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