And the winner is… Alexa Penberthy Photography!

We now have half of our Picture of the Year finalists, after you voted this incredible picture by Alexa Penberthy Photography our June 2019 Picture of the Month. Taken in Iceland during Viann and Albert’s elopement, the combination of the couple’s adventurous nature and the weather conditions allowed Alexa to get this shot…

Bride and groom standing on edge of black rocks - Picture by Alexa Penberthy Photography

Absolute Troupers

“This must be one of my favourite images and I’m so thrilled it won Picture of the Month. Albert and Viann decided to elope last November in Iceland. We spent two days driving around the island creating some beautiful images. The first day, the day they legally married, was sunny, and Viann wore a beautiful white dress. But the weather in Iceland is always unpredictable, so the second day was very cold, gloomy and constantly raining. I took this image that day, with Viann choosing to go for that timeless red dress.

“They braved the cold like absolute troupers, and were up for climbing anywhere! These rocks in Iceland look so different on a sunny day so we were actually very pleased they were wet, giving them this black look (photographer’s win). What you can’t see is that both of them were pretty wet and, in between looking for that beautiful frame to create, they were trying to keep warm by holding each other under one jacket. Pretty special moments to always remember!”

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