And the winner is… Andrew Craner Photography!

We now have half our finalists for our 2017 Picture of the Year competition, after this fun picture was voted our June 2017 Picture of the Month. Taken at Becky and Richard’s wedding in Warwickshire at the end of last year, Andrew told us how the shot came about…

Bridal party standing in line as bride and bridesmaids throw bouquets in the air - Picture by Andrew Craner Photography

Her Expression Says It All

“I knew Becky and Richard were on my wavelength when they asked if we could meet in a Pub for our first meeting. We got on instantly and they were every bit as relaxed and fun as I thought they would be on the day itself as well. It really was a joy to be their photographer.

“They married in December 2016 at St Marks Church in Bilton near Rugby, with their reception at the lovely Swallows Nest Barn near Warwick. That’s where this shot was taken.

“I wanted to do some fun shots with the bridal party before I took Becky and Richard away from it all for 10 minutes for some lovely, romantic portraits. I asked Becky how she felt about throwing her flowers into the air. She was instantly up for it but warned me she was a terrible catch!

“I think the expression on her face says it all to be honest! It’s one of my all-time favourite fun bridal party photos — superb!”

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