And the winner is… Paul Baybut Photography!

Huge congratulations to Paul Baybut Photography, the winner of our July 2021 Picture of the Month award. This fun picture from Anna and Simon’s wedding received the most votes in our poll, and becomes the seventh picture to go through to our Picture of the Year final. A delighted Paul told us how the idea for this cracking shot came to him on the day…

Bride holding groom's hand as he is pulled into the air by balloons - Picture by Paul Baybut Photography

On a High

“Awesome couple, Anna and Simon, married on the 12th June 2021 at Mottram Hall in Cheshire. It’s always a pleasure to find myself back at one of my favourite wedding venues, and this time on one of the hottest days of the year. Just perfect to take advantage of the stunning gardens during the portrait photographs.

“After a wonderful ceremony in the superb St Andrew’s Suite, which is always beautifully dressed by Alison and her team with romantic lanterns and candles, I noticed a few balloons outside in the hallway and an idea instantly sparked.

“I had planned on taking a photo of the couple walking between two rows of trees leading up to the venue, which I have shot many times before, but now with the balloons available I thought I could add a twist to this scene. Groom Simon would jump up into the air with straight legs to give the illusion that the balloons he held were lifting him up, floating on a high above his beautiful bride. After a couple of test jumps Simon nailed it on the 3rd and the couple were delighted with the results shown to them on the back of my camera. We then ventured off from the shade of the trees into the warm sunlight for a few more portraits, minus the balloons.

“From start to finish the wedding was simply beautiful, relaxed and fun, but sadly over with far too soon, despite having the privilege of being there for the full day’s celebration.”

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