And the winner is… Rafe Abrook Photography!

Our July 2019 Picture of the Month award goes to Rafe Abrook Photography for this fantastic picture from Rose and Ollie’s wedding in June. Taken on the drive at South Farm, Rafe told us how he used a flash gun, 135mm lens and the trees in the distance to get this beautiful shot…

Bride and groom standing under trees at night - Picture by Rafe Abrook Photography

Great Opportunities for Amazing Wedding Photos

“Rose and Ollie married at South Farm near Royston on 19th June. They braved an outdoor ceremony in the pouring rain, but luckily it dried up by early evening. So, we popped out with one of my flash guns and a light stand whilst there was a little light left in the sky.

“I have taken a variety of night shots on the drive at South Farm over the years. For this one I composed it with my 135mm prime lens and framed their heads in the trees in the distance. The long focal length condenses the perspective so I was stood a good 50 yards from them when I took it. I’m very proud to be a recommended supplier at South Farm as it’s a venue that just gives me so many great opportunities for amazing wedding photos, time and time again.

“I am delighted to have won the public vote for Picture of the Month as I was up against some very talented photographers and fantastic images!”

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