And the winner is… Dean Jones Photography!

We have our first finalist for our 2020 Picture of the Year competition! Yes, this stunning picture by Dean Jones Photography received the most votes in our poll to win our January 2020 Picture of the Month award. Taken at Chloe and Ben’s wedding at Bredenbury Court, the couple momentarily sacrificed their umbrella to help Dean get this shot…

Bride and groom standing in the rain at night - Picture by Dean Jones Photography

Getting Drenched

“Chloe and Ben married on the 5th October 2019 at Bredenbury Court in Herefordshire. I was very excited to shoot their wedding and, having already shot their engagement shoot, I knew they would be brilliant on the day.

“On their wedding day, they were great fun to work with and were so excited to see each other. Their ceremony was very emotional, with lots of tears flowing from both of them as Chloe made her way up the aisle to meet Ben. The whole day was just superb with lots of laughter and everyone having a great time.

“After the wedding breakfast I asked Chloe and Ben if they would like to go outside for a few night portraits. I explained that, although it was now raining heavily, they needn’t worry as this would enhance what was going to already be a great photo. Thankfully, they agreed. So, we made our way out into the darkness, Chloe and Ben under a big umbrella, me getting drenched, and I set my lights up for this shot. After a couple of test shots, I asked them to throw the umbrella away and I took this shot. I then quickly ran to give them the umbrella back.

“After this shot, being the absolute heroes they are, we even stayed out and got more portraits incorporating the rain. You can see these in my blog post on my website.”

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