And the winner is… Oobaloos Photography!

That’s it, we now have all of our 12 finalists for our 2019 Picture of the Year competition! You voted this beautiful picture by Oobaloos Photography our December 2019 Picture of the Month to make it the final picture to go though to our vote. Taken at Eastlington Park, Sheryl asked the couple to dance at the bottom of the beautiful spiral staircase while she got the shot from above…

Bride and groom at bottom of spiral staircase - Picture by Oobaloos Photography


“Hannah and David married on 28th November 2020 at Eastington Park, near Stonehouse. As it was a November wedding they were very aware that the weather stakes many not be in their favour! It did rain relentlessly all day, but they were real troupers and we still got some beautiful outdoor umbrella shots.

“Usually at Eastington Park the wedding cake is sat in this spot at the bottom of the swirling staircase. Just after Hannah and David cut the cake and it was taken away for cutting, I asked Hannah if she would like a shot of them dancing at the bottom. She loved the idea.

“My idea for the shot was to have Hannah’s dress twirling, mimicking the shape of the staircase above them. The final vibe gives me all the Mister Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet feel, and the opulence of Eastington Park really helps!

“I’m ecstatic with how this shot came out and I know Hannah and David are delighted with it too.”

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