And the winner is… Jade Nott Photography!

Bride and groom hugging - Picture by Jade Nott Photography

This beautiful picture by Jade Nott Photography received the most votes in our August 2014 Picture of the Day competition, and becomes the eighth picture to go through to our Picture of the Year competition in January. The picture was taken at Sammy and Shaun’s wedding in Tiverton, and Jade told us how the picture came about…

“I was lucky enough to be asked to capture the beautiful wedding of Sammy and Shaun at a local church back in June. I knew this day was going to be very, very special as Sammy and Shaun are just soul mates; nothing would have ever phased them and I knew that we’d get some amazing shots.

“This photo was taken just after the ceremony; it was beautiful, emotional and rather over-whelming. Whilst everyone was chatting amongst themselves at the front of the church I took them both off for a moment to take a deep breath and take it all in when this perfect moment happened. Even though it’s so simple, it’s one of my personal favourites as just from this little nuzzle you can tell how safe and in love they are in each others arms.”

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