Couple wearing baking aprons

Couple: Heather and Steve

Photographer: HBA Photography

Engagement Shoot Date: 05/04/2015

Location of Shoot: Couple’s Home

Wedding Date: 20/06/2015

Why did you have an engagement shoot?

“We had met Hannah and Ben at a wedding fayre and loved HBA’s portfolio. We wanted to use the engagement shoot to discuss what’s important to us on our wedding day and what we want to take away from the photos.”

Knife and cake slice

Couple about to make cake

Couple preparing icing for cake

Rolling out icing

Rolling out icing

Man watching woman rolling out icing

Couple icing a cake

Couple icing a cake

Rolling out icing with rolling pin

Preparing cake for icing

Icing a cake

Cook books

Icing a cake

Iced cake

Why did you choose the shoot location?

“Hannah and Ben suggested we base our engagement shoot around an activity. Since we’re making our own wedding cake and were planning on decorating and stacking a practice cake, we thought this would be the perfect activity for the shoot. This also meant we could do this in the comfort of our own home.”

Couple having a cup of tea

Engaged couple cuddling on sofa

Engaged couple cuddling

Man with cup of tea


Animal slippers

Engaged couple sitting on sofa

Engaged couple cuddling on sofa


Couple in baking aprons smiling at each other

Lady resting head on man's shoulder

Holding mugs

How do you feel having an engagement shoot helped with having your wedding pictures taken?

“The engagement shoot was perfect not only for getting to know Hannah and Ben, but for them to get to know us as well. They put us totally at ease during the shoot and we couldn’t be happier with the photos, which our friends and family agree really do capture our personalities. We’re so glad we could approach our wedding day with complete confidence in our photographers.”

Roses to go on top of cake

Man icing cake Couple decorating wedding cake

Couple smiling with wedding cake

Wedding cake

Woman taking top off wedding cake Woman cutting wedding cake

Cutting cake

Couple eating cake

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