What do you get when you cross wedding personalisation with a less-than-traditional approach to wedding attire? The answer: Wedding Converse. The trend for re-writing the wedding rule book and doing things your own way is as hot as it’s ever been. It’s therefore no wonder Wedding Converse is the shoe designer everyone’s talking about. What’s not to love about a couple in matching customised wedding trainers?

According to Sarah Mahoune, who founded Wedding Converse four years ago, more brides than ever are choosing to rock up the aisle wearing flats, not least because simply being comfortable is a big part of enjoying the day (and the late-night dancing). The trend really hit the headlines in 2017 when Serena Williams wore a pair of personalised wedding trainers with her dress.

Bride and Groom Custom Heel Tag on Converse Wedding Trainers

Bride Classic Ox Converse Personalised Wedding Trainers

Glitter Wifey Converse

I do Groom Black Classic Ox Converse Wedding Trainers

Truly Individual

Sarah explained that the shoes are also being used to surprise a partner or the wedding guests. A pair of personalised Converse can feature your new name, a private joke or a silly slogan… Instagram moment and guaranteed ‘ahhs’ all-round!

Pick your perfect pair, from traditional Converse pumps to trendy high tops, and the Wedding Converse team will customise them. You can choose your own wording, wedding date and colours, and can even choose if you want laces or ribbons and even the tags.

I love anything sparkly, so I’m very excited about the Swarovski crystal twinkle-toe option; if you want some added bling, the Swarovski crystals will bedazzle your guests. The rose gold pair are obviously a winner, but we also predict that, hot on the heels of the white trainer trend, we’ll see more brides making a statement in black high tops. If you are seeking understated chic you can even add your wedding date to a badge based on the iconic Converse All Star logo.

Black Bride High Tops Converse

Metallic Mrs Converse Personalised Wedding Trainers

Converse Trainers with Wedding Date Logo

Rock 'n' Roll Bride Wedding Trainers

Script Bridal Wedding Converse

Whether you want to make your wedding outfits extraordinary, need a pair of dancing shoes, or want to advertise you newly-wed status on honeymoon, Wedding Converse are fun, fabulous and truly individual.

Priced from around £85 for a classic Converse with name and date they compare very well with the price of traditional bridal shoes. You can view the full range of options and order your customised wedding trainers online at wedding-converse.co.uk.